Tech Day – Demcon Eindhoven

Do you want to know what it’s like to work on technologically complex challenges such as automatically customized respiratory ventilation in critical care?

Join our Tech Day on Thursday, June 15 and discover the challenging projects we work on, how we solve technologically complex problems, and get to know our culture. We end the day with drinks and bites. An excellent opportunity to ask (technical) questions and network with our engineers. 

We offer 3 rounds of tech talks and demo tours with different topics, so you can pick and mix your own program on the spot (you don’t need to preregister). Find more info about the tech talks and tours below.

Tech Talks

  • Synthetic data to improve machine vision
    “Data is the new oil” has been coined a few years ago and still holds true. The most common stumbling block to successfully use AI in production, is typically not a lack of the right algorithms but a lack of the right data to train these algorithms. At Demcon we have developed a pipeline to generate – and validate – synthetic sensor data and rich annotation through simulation to open up avenues for AI currently blocked by the right data. Vincent Bos (business manager synthetic data) and Frank de Graaf (application specialist) will introduce you to Demcon’s synthetic data pipeline, as well as to some practical examples.
  • Game-changing steps to customized respiratory ventilation
    Demcon macawi respiratory systems investigates game-changing data-driven algorithms and develops astonishing measuring technology towards automatically customized respiratory ventilation in critical care. This will enable fast recovery and better life expectancy of patients from premature babies to adults and reduce the workload of therapists. Check out the latest developments with Koen Gruitrooij (senior QA/RA specialist).
  • Concept design for a CO2 capturing machine 
    In a concept phase for the company Carbyon that aims to capture CO2 directly out of the air, we had to make design decisions based on estimations and just the knowledge of a few major drivers behind the design. Sietze Oostveen (multiphysics engineer) and Gerard Oosterwegel (mechatronic system engineer) will give you an insight into a few of the estimations that were made for this particular project.

Demo tours

  • Tour 1: Geweldenaar & Johan Sports 
    > The ‘Geweldenaar’ is designed to test cable hoses. The cable hoses, often consisting of multiple cables, are exposed to powerful movements when using this machine.
    > Johan Sports guides sports teams with an accurate player monitoring system that collects physical player data. Demcon developed the cutting-edge GPS technology for elite teams.
  • Tour 2: LightHouse technology & AI racetrack
    > For proof of concept purposes, a compliant mechanism was designed to investigate the behaviour and verify the structural integrity of a critical component under the right boundary conditions [T>600°C | Tgradient ~200 °C/mm].
    > Demcon is developing an interactive demonstrator where an RC kart completes a lap around a racetrack using artificial intelligence. The initial approach using supervised learning results in a competitive lap time where you can try to beat yourself.
  • Tour 3: DemcAir & Nanomefos
    > Demcon macawi respiratory systems developed one system for the intensive care suitable for every patient, from premature to adult.
    > The Nanomefos can map and polish mirror surfaces of mirrors up to 600 mm diameter with extreme accuracy. This enables to build mirrors for super telescopes and satellites for researching space.

June 15, 2023
Time: 15:30 hours
Location: Demcon Eindhoven (Kanaaldijk 29, 5683 CR, Best)

15:00 – doors open: coffee/tea
15:30 – start program: introduction Demcon by Toon Hermans
15:45 – start tech talks and demo tours
15:45 – tech talk of choice / demo tour 1
16:20 – tech talk of choice / demo tour 2
16:50 – break
17:15 – tech talk of choice / demo tour 3
17:45 – drinks & bites

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