making treatment safer and more efficient.

In radiation oncology we focus on four areas of expertise. These are treatment device development, safety and monitoring, verification tooling and connectivity by design.

Treatment Device Development
Developing highly complex and core critical components/systems for irradiation equipment, combining our high-tech and medtech manufacturing know-how;

  • Beamline and shaping components. (e.g. cooling systems, multi-leaf collimators, etc.)
  • Mechatronic system components. (e.g. gantry systems, collimators, robotic arm and imaging systems, etc.)
  • Precise patient positioning components. (e.g. 6DOF table positioning devices, 3D camera and laser based motion management and patient alignment systems, etc.)
  • Industrial design and in-room workflow design expertise to optimize the in-room/control room user

Safety and monitoring
Developing Quality assurance equipment for machine and patient specific QA, combing our material-, particle physics-, optics- and control system-knowledge;

  • Modality compliant Q.A. equipment and detector design
  • Optical and image based monitoring and verification (e.g. reconstructing 3D images, apply mathematical, and physics image processing).
  • Dose reconstruction and radiation impact analysis (e.g. monte carlo calculations, particle physics, etc.)

Verification tooling
Development of (automated) verification solutions to determine whether devices or components are within the boundaries of the specifications. One can think of tooling to check radiation leakage, thermal control, mechanical strength and electrical operation.

Connectivity by Design
Whether it is a device, medical application or cloud based solution, embedding connectivity by design and conforming to IHE-RO standards will improve personalized medicine approaches and medical care in general as data is transparently available for care-providers and patients.

Our independent position and participation into several technical committees enables us to bring together knowledge and manufacturers to improve interoperability between systems.

  • Connectivity roadmap development
  • Embedding connectivity by design into (mechatronic) system components (e.g. patient couch) to communicate to the entire treatment system in a standardized way.
  • Test automation of IHE-RO profiles and DICOM-RT interfaces

Early 2021, AAPM, IHE-RO and Demcon entered into a strategic partnership, confirming Demcon as independent position as IHE-RO/DICOM-RT expert. The DICOM-RT team has over 15 years of experience and joined Demcon in 2020. Read the press release here.


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“we develop innovations that optimize the oncology workflow and data flow.”

In today’s radiotherapy, interoperability and communication between systems are key to make treatment safer and more efficient. As an independent systems engineering specialist, we develop innovations that optimize the oncology workflow. These include verification tooling for DICOM-RT, the digital imaging and communications in medicine standard for radiation therapy. For this, we collaborate with the American Association of Physics in Medicine (AAPM) and the Integrating Healthcare Enterprise initiative for radiation oncology (IHE-RO).